ProHost is a cutting edge content delivery network (CDN) solution Metapeer developed for clients with high volume and traffic web properties. The ProHost product line has been constantly improved and actively developed since Metapeer was founded in 2003, and has been our flagship service ever since. While many CDN solutions exist, what makes ProHost different is our dedication to custom fitting the application service platform to each client's needs. Metapeer can develop custom authentication, implement non-standard protocol or service support, and provide both advanced and very specific data usage analysis when migrating existing file serving or media streaming services over to the ProHost CDN.

ProHost CDN has been built for large scale content deployments of live AV media, prerecorded AV media, music streaming, as well as static file delivery. Multiple locations provide geographically diverse aggregation points for relaying and delivery of content on the ProHost CDN, and each ProHost point of presence always leverages multiple tier 1 IP transit providers for redundancy and optimal packet routing.